Sunday, July 21, 2013

Riding Giant Bikes in Utah

 I was invited to attend the 2014 product launch for Giant Bicycles in Utah this past week.  I had never been to Utah, and it's always nice to be in the mountains, so I was excited.  As soon as we left the airport on the charter bus toward Deer Valley, I snapped this.  It's a very touristy photo, but the contrast of dark clouds, mountains, and blue sky was so much more than my camera could capture.
 We passed the ski jump area that was used in the winter Olympics a few years back.
 This was the view from the ballroom where our meetings took place.  Imagine:  70 degrees.  Breeze.  No humidity.  Yep.
 Just under that bridge to the left was the entrance to the mountain biking trails.  There were so many trails that at times it was difficult to follow them.  We did our best and had a blast on some really cool new mountain bikes.  Eric Pirtle is our Giant rep, and a really, really good mountain biker.  Who better to show us around the trails?  We were very lucky to have such a gracious host and guide.
 I just couldn't get over the impact of coming around a corner and having the mountains as a back drop.
 Hundreds of 2014 Giant bikes waiting for the dealers to ride them.  In this setting, it was hard to dislike anything.  The first day, we rode the wheels off of the mountain bikes (I can talk about them August 1st) and on the second day we did a 50 mile road bike ride in the mountains.  Altitude bothers me a bit.  All of the riding was at between 8000 and 9000 feet.
Just one shot of my room at the Chateaux.  It was nicer than my house.  Two bathrooms, living room with leather couches, kitchen with full fridge, stove, dining room, king sized bed, another fridge in the bathroom, and windows that viewed the mountains.  Giant did us up right.  Thanks for the opportunity.

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