Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

 The big kids did not join us for most of the Easter festivities today, so Eli got almost all of the attention.  Here, the Easter Bunny (Max in disguise) is giving Eli pointers on how to scoop up the most eggs in the hunt.
 Eli has lined up here with the other kids his age.  He gathered a lot of eggs and didn't push any kids down doing it.  Good job, kid.
 Eli with his bestest girl, Sid.  She appears to have gathered a gaggle of eggs, herself.
 Max on the hunt for his eggs at Grandma's house.  It took him a while, as his eggs were hidden by one of the more devious aunts.  He found them, and there was money.
 Eli found his eggs rather quickly at Grandma's.  He is showing off his bounty.
It's a big birthday month around here, with Eli turning 7 and Denise hitting the big four/four.  There will be more to celebrate later the month, too.

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