Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cliff Cave with the Dogs

After much housework and chores, the weather dictated that we do something with our day that didn't suck.  And that something was Cliff Cave.  Last year, Deanna, Eli, and myself took Rocky and Rosco to Cliff Cave for some hiking.  I did 99.9% more riding than hiking, but Eli and the dogs had a smashing good time.  This year, our dearly departed Rocky wasn't available, but our dearly borrowed dog Carmel came along.  The first photo shows Eli and Carmel catching some unsuspecting biker on the bluff side of the trail.  I rode the new Hei Hei full suspension bike, and despite my 21 hour day Saturday that culminated in the infamous Sharkmas Xmas party, I had a great ride.
Rosco just loves a good hike.  Especially in the winter.  Carmel loves hiking, too, and he showed his border collie roots by bounding up and down the rocks. Eli took the beautiful Mrs K on quite an adventure by climbing up some of the rocky walls that lead up to the bluff side.  The dogs clambered up with them.  Apparently it was epic, all ending with the dogs resembling canine mud wrestlers.
This is now Rosco's default position, much more so today after the grueling hike and the subsequent bath.  Not a bad place to sleep, I guess, but would not have been my choice with the super soft dog couch across the room.
Later, the dog couch was put to fantastic use, as much stronger sleeping methods were called for. Even super dog Carmel could not hold his eyes open any longer after his bath.  Nothing that happened in the house for the following 90 minutes after this photo was taken could shake the dogs from their slumber.

All in all, it was a great day.  I even braved Craigslist to get rid of some junk to compliment the newly cleaned garage.  And tonight, I parked the Mustang indoors. 

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