Monday, October 03, 2011

take a kid mountain biking day

tyson negotiated the obstacle course with ease.  impunity, even!
after a couple of great rides on the trails, hanna waits patiently for her chance in the raffle.  she carted off a super cool back pack and tyson nabbed some really cool mtb gloves.
gorc sponsored a really neat event at brommelslick park in st. charles county on saturday.  it was called "take a kid mountain biking day".

i took some goods out for give-aways courtesy of big shark west, so i brought along the kids.  the kids got to ride some really cool obstacle courses in preparation for a little bit of actual off-roading on the trails.  tyson has already done some off-roading of his own, but it was hanna's first try and she had a great time.  i sagged the groups of kids that were led by park rangers.  i was worn out from helping a few kids on bmx bikes (with questionable braking power) get up and down the hills.  all in all, it was great.  we had a blast.

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