Tuesday, June 07, 2011

memorial day weekend at aunt jane's lakehouse

although it was a scorcher, the water was c-c-c-cold!!! the kids ventured into the water just a bit on the first day. the docks were a great place to goof off for a while.
i have no idea what is going on here......
always ready to do something fun, the kids anxiously await the next adventure.
the beautiful mrs k, in the kitchen at the lakehouse.
getting ready for a ride on the formula boat, eli finds time to practice his facial ticks.
under way and in the sun.
our wake was pretty big. we were going fast as the lake was pretty empty on monday.
hanna and tyson were enjoying the view from the helm.
tyson convinced hanna to get into the freezing water. it didn't last long.
then tyson convinced deanna to get into the freezing water. that didn't last long, either!

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