Friday, March 04, 2011

a trip to nevada

the beautiful mrs k took me along with her on a business meeting to las vegas this past week. we actually stayed in henderson, nevada, which is a lot less 'vegas' than las vegas proper. the hotel was spectacular.
cool "beach" that led into the pool.
walkway over the upper section of the pool.
more of the outdoor area. on the left is the fitness center, which we visited. it was deluxe.
i rented a really nice carbon giant road bike and headed out three days in a row. this was one of my trips on the river mountains trail loop, a 35 mile asphalt path that runs alongside lake mead for quite a ways.
the asphalt trail was no joke. four mile climbs, plus these 20% gut busters. there were two sections of switchbacks that were every bit as tight as off-road switchbacks. imagine the forest park trail on steroids, then multiply it by six. the trail was totally manicured, with middle striping that mimicked a regular road.
the trail went under one of the highway crossings via this corrugated metal tunnel. there were five or six tunnels along the way.
again the path, this time looking out over mead. the solid yellow line meant "do not pass", because although the photo doesn't show it, this was quite steep downhill. i really had to be on the brakes in these corners.
a ravine cut by rain water just off the trail.
the river mountains are riddled with mines. i thought this abandoned mine was a cool shot.
i love the desert. the scenery is always so dramatic.

all told, i spent about 8 hours on the bike over three days. not nearly what the good riders do, but i'll take it for march. thanks for the mini-vacation, honey!

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