Saturday, February 05, 2011

birthday party again

i have no idea why, but we had hanna up this weekend with 4 of her closest friends for her birthday. it started off friday night with a dance where the girls all dressed to the nines. this first photo is from today, however, when they all decided to dress like old ladies.
i took this photo from the television, where aunt denise had loaded her photos of friday nights dance. they are such hams.
today's birthday party. she looks like a rock star here, i think.
like usual, we had a combination hanna/max birthday party since they are so close. max just turned the big 13, and he's a really good kid. i'm hoping he will go mountain biking with tyson and i when the weather turns better.
she is very mischievous here.
and very happy here after getting some apple gift cards.
rosco and rocky both insisted on being right in the middle of the action. dogs can be funny.
the two birthday kids, cheesing it up for the camera and cake.

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