Friday, July 16, 2010

fun and games at toys r us

eli likes to peruse the toy stores every now and then. actually, he'd prefer to do nothing else. when we found ourselves at a local toys r us tonight, a couple of really cool toys really took me back. these old school toy bmx racing bikes were awesome. the quad angle from se racing was a surprise. all of the little bikes had the optional tuff wheels.
i owned a couple of mongoose bikes, and yes i even owned some motomags, too. i had a red and a blue mongoose, and a blue roger decoster. and i swapped to tuff wheels when i realized just how heavy cast alloy motomags were.
this one is my favorite. i was a hug redline fan when i first started into bmx racing. this one is a square-back, which i never owned but really wanted. i did have two different MX-II's and one Pro-Line.
and right next to the little bmx bike replicas were the die cast cars. a '70 boss 429 mustang caught my eye.

finally, we had to drag eli out of there. i could have actually spent more time in this isle.


Brian said...

I just watched an episode of "My Name is Earl" where Earl rebuilt a '65 Mustang with his dad. Earl tried to put a '70 carb into his classic '65 vehicle but his dad told him a 65 is a matching parts vehicle. It reminded me of you.

Anonymous said...

Tell the truth. Was it harder to get Eli or Tim out of that Aisle?